Frequently Asked Questions
Customer service and satisfaction is our number one priority! We provide a range of services to make using our products as easy and straight forward as possible so Gas-Inspector customers know they can get friendly help and advice quickly, allowing them to get on with their job.
A solution specifically for the Gas Inspection Industry.It is a inspection ERP. Right from recording a customer request, planning & scheduling an inspection, doing a paperless inspection in your mobile devices, delivering certificates, inspection reports and invoices.
  • Easy and very quick registration of all details of the properties that needs to be inspected simultaneously when on call with the customer.
  • Planning & Scheduling of Inspections for the technical Inspectors based on Inspector Profile, Inspectors Region of work, and Inspector’s Workload.
  • Inspection Results and historic information of all Inspections are available in a matter of clicks to enable you to respond to client queries as and when essential.
  • After completion of Inspections, Reports and Certificates are stored and delivered electronically . Reports and Certificates can be physically printed only when essential
  • Gas Inspector brings about standardization in the way the entire team does the inspections With GI, Inspectors do Inspections systematically based on checklists. Gathering of evidence (ex: photographs, Videos) becomes easy
  • Since inspections are systematic, optionally the Inspection results can also be system generated based on pre-defined rules. However on a case by case basis the Inspector can override the system generated result with his own result with suitable justifications.
  • Gas Inspector enables the technical inspectors to have access to technical literature, training material and videos specific to their current inspections in a matter of clicks. This greatly improves Inspection Quality and reduces training costs for the company.
  • The above benefits ensure that the service quality across all inspectors in the company is uniform.
  • Productivity of the team increases by upto 60%
  • Standardization of processes within the company and ensure uniform service quality across all inspectors
  • The company does more inspections with same or less resources and hence more revenue with less costs
  • Paperless Office – It is not just about saving Paper, it is also the increased productivity that comes along with it
  • All essential KPI of the business are available via Dashboards. (ex: Revenue dashboards , Performance dashboards etc)
  • Team Performance and Individual Inspector performance can be tracked easily Very quick ROI
  • Technical Director always has an overview of his entire team of Inspectors. An overview status of the Inspections scheduled, underway and completed. Similarly the results of every single inspection will be available to him in complete detail in real time.
  • Inspection Reports awaiting his approval can be accessed within GI in matter of clicks and reviewed instantly.
  • KPI like Inspector Productivity, Work Load will be available in Dashboards in real time.
Gas Inspector provides high flexibility to configure your business checklist questionnaires & specifications.
You can configure inspection related formulas & Gas Inspector will calculate and produce results just in time. And also responses can be configured based on the result of the formulas.
It’s very simple; you can plan your re-schedule visit using calendar by drag and drop the schedule plan.
Your existing Certification & Reports Template formats are configurable in Gas-Inspector.
Yes. Invoices, Tickets & Certifications & Reports can be printed on site with portable printers at the site.
Gas Inspector provide client portal for clients to access their Certificates, Invoices.

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