Frequently Asked Questions
Customer service and satisfaction is our number one priority! We provide a range of services to make using our products as easy and straight forward as possible so Gas-Inspector customers know they can get friendly help and advice quickly, allowing them to get on with their job.
Reap huge benefits with reasonable efforts & be proud to associate with high-demand Gas Inspector

  • One-of-a-kind Product
    • Our unique, innovative Gas Inspector is a high-demand product as customers are looking forward to it; and there are virtually no competitors.
  • Resell a high-demand product with an established customer base
    • Gas inspections are a MUST and compliance cannot be evaded. We ease the pain of gas inspectors as Gas Inspector is simple and easy to use.
    • The potential for revenue generation is almost limitless with our product.
  • Tap the market IMMEDIATELY!
    • We have all relevant marketing materials readily available. Leverage our marketing toolkit, best practices, and readily-available support team.
  • Free License
    • We provide two free licenses to start with for your own use, so initial investment is relatively NIL.
  • Brand Promotion
    • We offer regular and aggressive brand promotion and you too can be part of the campaign and enjoy the limelight!
  • Customer protection
    • We will never contact your customers for product sales: that is for you to do.
    • Your team provides first-line support to your clients and we will step in, in case if you could not able to handle technical queries.
    • We always ensure one customer will be handled by one reseller only.
  • We offer you and your clients
    • Expertise and experience in handling global scenarios.
    • Extremely reliable service and support.
    • Standard pricing across the globe.

  • Identify potential customers
  • Demonstrate to clients
  • Delivery proposals
  • Initial Installation & configurations is growing rapidly and we will consistently launch innovative marketing campaigns, targeting gas inspection companies. Our List of authorized resellers is available in our websites
No fee to become a reseller. But you should generate sales targets to continue getting increased commissions.
  • Training on gas-inspector
  • Promotion Materials- Brochure, Website, Videos & Presentations
  • Technical support for demonstrations
  • During initial installation & configurations you will be supported by our technical team from India.
  • Training Services- Besides the initial training that will be provided along with installation you may have the possibility to provide additional training services as per the customer requirements
  • Configuration & Customization Services-Besides the standard configuration any extended configuration and customization will be chargeable and resellers will have their commissions over it.
In a SaaS model, yes it obvious your revenues are recurrent. However in the conventional perpetual license model also you will have revenue from maintenance & support

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