Benefits For The Inspectors Productivity
The revenue of a Gas Inspection company is always directly proportional to the Inspector's Productivity, hence all Inspection companies try to keep the Inspectors as productive as possible.
Benefits for the inspectors productivity

Even then, it is estimated that on an average an Inspector does Inspections only for 50% of this time. While 25% is spent on travel another 25% of an Inspector's daily time is spent on Administrative Tasks (Preparing for inspections, Visiting the office to hand over information of completed inspections etc) and Reporting Tasks (Filling in Inspection findings on a paper check-list, Managing photographs, Report Preparation, Invoice preparation etc).

With Gas Inspector the productivity of an Inspector is almost doubled. With reduced travel time (no need of reporting to the central office for data collection and submission) and zero time for processing reports and certificates the productivity definitely increases substantially.

From an organizational point of view, there is significant Increase in productivity with the same number of resources. Migration of the entire business cycle from the current working model to using Gas Inspector is effortless. The transition is made as simple as possible with our talented team of technicians and support team.

Inspectors Schedule Without Gas-Inspector
Inspectors Schedule With Gas-Inspector

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